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Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

K. Riedling, J. Smejkal, J. Nicolics, E. Riedling:
"Remote Laboratory Classes on Components' Reliability";
Talk: 5th Intern. Academic Conference on Electronic Packaging, Education and Training, Dresden, Germany; 03-20-2002 - 03-21-2002; in: "Proceedings of the 5th Int. Academic Conference on Electronic Packaging Education and Training", R. Tummala, K.-J. Wolter, T. Zerna (ed.); Verlag Dr. Markus A. Detert, Templin/Uckermark (2002), ISBN: 3-934142-07-9; 123 - 130.

English abstract:
Lifetime and reliability measurements can hardly be carried out in students' laboratory classes, particularly due to their inherently long duration. Using a remote measurement system with a Web user interface allows, however, students to participate in such investigations over arbitrarily long periods since they can perform measurements at any time without having to be physically present at the measurement set-up. We have developed such a remote measurement system which uses a PC as a data acquisition unit connected to the measurement set-up over serial interfaces or a standard GPIB bus, and connected to a Web server via a suitable network data link. Active Web pages - in our case written in PHP - form a Web user interface which permits the user to create command files and display the measured data in a variety of formats. The laboratory classes on reliability tests we plan to install with the remote laboratory system involve the lifetime and reliability investigation of assemblies consisting of epoxy-based laminates and innovative miniaturised packages. We use adhesive bonding as an interconnection technique, and measure the resistance of the interconnections with a four-point method.

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